About Us

The History

My name is Vinnie Carter,

I came to the black hills area with over twenty-nine years of machining experience. I am a Colorado native; I started my career as a machinist in 1993 at a gun manufacturer in Boulder Colorado. where I worked manufacturing semi-auto 22 rifles and semi-auto 9mm rifles. I was very fortunate that the owner hired me with out any machining experience and was willing to train me on his CNC Mills and Lathes. After gaining some knowledge on the CNC’s the owner started training me on manual mills and lathes, this is backwards from how one would learn machining fundamentals going to a trade school but he did have a business to run. Like I said I was very fortunate most companies won’t even hire without 5 -6 years of experience. The owner decided to sell the business so I continued my journey with a different company in fact I would work at numerous machine shops throughout the Denver metro area over the course of my career and I was able to learn a lot of different ways to approach set ups for different machining applications. I have manufactured aftermarket parts for Arlen Ness a custom bike builder in California, parts for Hoyt Bows, a wide variety of parts for the medical industry, military, aviation, aerospace, pumps, compressors and a multitude of other parts. I have spent the last ten years working on manual mills and lathes as a prototype, tooling specialist. I believe my knowledge and experience will be a valuable asset to the Black Hills community and surrounding areas. I am looking forward to continuing my career in South Dakota.

I have 30 years Machining and custom fabrication experience.

Specializing in manual one off prototype parts and tooling applications as well as one of a kind custom fabricated items. I am offering my services to the Black Hills communities and surrounding areas. Feel free to call me so we can discuss your needs or design your custom fabricated project.

Vinnie Carter- President, CEO